You may be on CBD oil for medicinal reasons, so wondering whether it is safe to blend it with alcohol or wine. There are concerns regarding the mix of weeds and alcohol, which collegians learn it the hard way. They are not a great cocktail, but CBD is non-psychoactive – so the question arises whether it is possible to drink alcohol and CBD oil?

It is assumed that both substances trigger the same sedating effects, which can get amplified when mixed making the overall experience too intense.

Are combining alcohol and CBD safe?

Research has extensively documented that excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to your overall health. CBD is well tolerated and even the World Health Organization approves it. However, the CBD product has to be in its pure form without any undesired additives and chemicals. Visit JustCBDstore to get hemp-based cannabidiol products having a legal limit of THC [less than 0.3%].

Do alcohol and CBD interact? How?

A few drinks with friends after a hectic day is a great way to unwind. However, if you are on the CBD oil regime, you must understand the effect of both the substances.

Alcohol depresses your central nervous system, which in turn affects your speech, coordination, and mood. The more alcohol one consumes, the effects get more severe. On the other hand, CBD influences subtly. It indirectly influences the central nervous system via the Endocannabinoid system [ECS]. ECS is a huge network that spreads from toe to head. It is liable to regulate different biological systems.

It means that CBD can limit the severity of alcohol, but in reality, there is no explanation of how they interact, there is a need for wide studies. The prevailing data is limited, which reports that alcohol is affected in the same way when consumed with CBD oil. No data reports that CBD mitigated the adverse side effects of alcohol consumption.

There is limited data about the safety of drinking alcohol while on the CBD oil regime. Any kind of substance change your way of feeling, thinking, and behavior, so moderation is the key. In case of doubts, talk with your healthcare provider.

If you consume alcohol within 5 to 7 hours of using CBD, then the effects will be intense. It means a greater loss in inhibition, control, and coordination. Consuming both simultaneously also intensifies the effects in comparison to using the substance alone.

Alcohol causes an anesthetic effect or works like a sleeping pill or tranquilizer. Brain functions slow down as the central nervous system gets inhibited. This increases social skills but overtime cause neurodegeneration and impaired cognitive functions.

Here CBD can help. It decreases the alcohol percentage in your blood, which can lower brain cell and organ damage. However, alcohol effects cannot get reduced. CBD does not contribute to delayed motor skills and cognitive impairment but improves the drinking experience.

The reason for how CBD and alcohol interact needs further research. How the alcohol level in your blood gets decreased also needs more study. It is better to consume moderate alcohol when on the CBD regime to reduce any related risks.

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