We hate cliches, but the “location, location, location” motto is never going away.

Location does matter and will have a monumental effect on how quickly your house sells.

This doesn’t mean to say that your hands are always tied, though. There are some quick hacks that can help you appeal to buyers a little more easily and through today, we have collated a handful of links that can help you reach that quicker sale.

The concepts of real estate valuation – Investopedia

First on the list is an article by Investopedia. The team over there have put together a thorough overview of all of the different points that can impact your home’s valuation.

Why is this important? After all, you’ve probably hired a real estate agent to do the legwork, right? While this should be true, not all estate agents are equal. Some will overvalue properties, and others will price them too cheaply. You need to get a sense that your agent is as accurate as can be as after all, if your price is too high, you won’t be selling your house very quickly.

How to use flowers to sell your home faster – Avas Flowers

This next link from Avas Flowers is worth its weight in gold. The Avas Flowers Pinterest page has some fabulous examples on how you can accessorize a room, and make it feel fresher than it ever has been.

It’s this fresh-factor that can work miracles when it comes to house sale speeds. Particularly if you are attempting to sell a somewhat dated property, an injection of vibrant florals can make all the difference and show rooms in a completely different light.

What smells sell your home – Ideal Home

This was arguably one of the most fascinating articles we found.

In short, it talks about the smells that can sell your home. That’s right, the smell of a house can make all the difference. Perhaps unsurprisingly, bread tops the list, but we’ll let you click through to read the rest of the article to find out some other extremely lucrative scents!

50 curb appeal ideas – Country Living

It’s a topic that has been done to death, but bear with us. There’s a reason why curb appeal gets so much attention – it is almost guaranteed to help you sell your home more quickly.

This is the best resource we have found on the topic. Are you going to have to implement every suggestion? Being honest, this probably isn’t possible. However, try and plough your way through this list, and watch those elusive first impressions of your home soar.

27 decluttering jobs you must do to sell your home – Real Homes

Another topic that has been covered endlessly is decluttering. Real Homes have taken it to another level though; they have written a guide which shows all of the decluttering jobs which can help you sell your home. In other words, they are completely relatable to home movers.

It talks through each of the key areas of the home – rather than just scrambling together a mix and match of tips.


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