In the past, Its was a well established traditional mythology for over 400 years, that villages associated or in possession of these artifacts practiced Human Sacrificial Rituals with Nwirong Bze’e,  as ancient records shows that during intertribal wars, many rival defeated captured tribe chiefs, war lords and village heads were beheaded on Nwirong Bze’efor Sacrificial rituals as sign of victory, call for  prosperity and ownership control. The Nwirong Bze’ecollection was regarded and worshipped asdeities  “gods” to the Baligansi’in people and related sibling villages, and had been the cause of many tribal wars and bad blood within tribes for their control and ownership. Local record has numerous human rituals sacrifices being performed on these artifacts for over the first four centuries.

These objects and noble materials are strictly controlled by the kings and have a great cultural heritage on the Baligansi’in people/community. Regarding the history of these cultural relics in question; they are over 8 centuries and has always been considered as a witness of values and legacies throughout North West Cameroon in general “Baligansi’in” people in particular where all these statues have always represented commemorating the memory of valiant warriors who died during tribal wars between clans and neighboring villages.

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