Think back to the 70’s when they used to put wood in and on cars. Remember that station wagon that they made with the full wooden trim all around the outside of the vehicle. If you think about it, that trend didn’t completely die out until recently because there were some models of the PT Cruiser by Chrystler that still featured a wood panel (probably fake) surrounding the entire car in the early 2000’s.

It’s probably a good thing that this trend has died out in vehicles for the most part, but there are some items you can find wood accents that totally make sense and really elevate the aesthetic beauty of the item. Today we will explore all the times where a little touch of wood was helpful, not atrocious… still looking at you 70’s station wagon. Gross.

JEWELRY – This one has been a trend I’ve seen popping up around wedding jewelry for men. It’s a pretty interesting touch to have your wedding band be something so natural. I kind of like the sentiment here. I’ve also seen this go in the direction of earrings and rings, both as the main material and just an accent.

WATCHES – Although I understand that watches could in theory be in with the jewelry, but I thought they deserved a category of their own. Watches have always been a marvel of technology and intricate metalwork, so to encase that in an elegant wood-grained shell is pretty interesting. Time is, in a way, a thing of nature and I suppose the wood brings that out.

CHARGERS – Technology is cold, grey, and lifeless… and perhaps on purpose, because if technology looked like us we’d fall in love with it, and there goes humanity. But I digress. I have been seeing more and more technology with wood accents. The most notable probably these chargers that blend wood and colored resin.

CLOTHING  – Yup. Wood clothes. Well, kind of. Cork is actually an amazing material that actually makes for really durable and renewable clothing. It’s waterproof and extremely lightweight, and porous. I guess I’ll throw purses and handbags in this section as well because cork is starting to replace leather in the more progressive, anti-leather circles.

WALLETS – Just like you can make purses and clothes out of cork you can also make wallets, but wait there’s more! Remember that company that puts wood onto wireless chargers, well they also make wallets with wood… and cell phone cases, and jewelry, but I didn’t want to completely fangirl. BUT I TOTALLY AM.

Start looking for it in your life, I think you’ll be surprised how people have found ways to integrate wood into modern design and breathe some life into inanimate objects. It’s a gorgeous texture, it’s always a completely unique pattern, and it’s renewable, what could be better?!

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